We offer a complete range of Slickline Services as well as exceptional equipment and safety procedures. We can accommodate all your Slickline needs.

Downhole Recorders

We run and pull Panther Recorders in tubing and casing

Plunger Lift Installations

We install and service all brands of plunger lifts

Flow Tube Installations

We are able to offer complete flow tube installations

Tubing Plugs

We run a variety of sizes and brands of tubing plugs

Pulling WR Plugs

We are able to retrieve 4.5” to 7.0” WR Plugs

Sleeve Work

We open and close all brands of sliding sleeves


We are able to offer swabbing from small to large tubing as well as casing swabbing

Fishing Tools

We have a wide variety of fishing tools to complete each job

Critical Sour Operations

We are equipped with the proper gear and have the experience to deal with critical sour operations

SCSSSV Installations

We are equipped to pull and set all safety valves

Wavefront tool

We offer the capability to run and pull wavefront tools

10 Ton Picker

Our Picker has a 56’ reach, if needed we can provide a larger picker

N2 Purging (IRP 18) Included With Each Job

Purging is a safety precaution that we feel is a necessity